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UK pilot participants

UK pilot participants

Oak Field School and Sports College and Green Hat Interactive conducted a piloting phase of the ATLEC curriculum between October 2013 and February 2014. The curriculum was piloted at the access level for participants with severe learning difficulties. Twenty participants were involved in the UK piloting process with ages ranging from 16-37 years old. All of the piloting was conducted at the Oak Field School site – making use of the wide range of assistive technologies available at the school.
The sessions were considered a success by both participants and facilitators. Participants demonstrated an increased understanding of what constitutes ICT AT and the impact that it can have on the lives of individuals. The participants were also introduced to the ATLEC mobile application which guides an individual through the process of determining which assistive technology could be suited to their intellectual and/or physical needs.
The piloting phase concluded with a successful and enjoyable presentation evening at the Nottingham Playhouse theatre hosted by the director of the theatre. All participants were awarded a certificate to acknowledge their valuable contribution to the ATLEC project. De Belgische testen zijn positief verlopen, en werden uitgevoerd met personen met een beperking, alsook leraars uit het (inclusief) onderwijs in de periode juni 2013 – februari 2014.

De resultaten van het ATLEC project (curriculum en cursus, alsook mobiele toepassing) worden momenteel nog aangepast op basis van de feedback die we van de eindgebruikersgroepen hebben ontvangen. Daarna zullen deze eind februari in hun finale versie ook ter beschikking gesteld worden via deze website.

De analyse van alle pilots zullen binnenkort ook beschikbaar zijn.

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