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Study on Assessing and Promoting E-Accessibility

This report presents the results and conclusions from a study on assessing and promoting e-accessibility. The main aims of the study were to take stock of the extent of e-accessibility across the EU27 countries and some third countries, as well as the policy efforts that have emerged in this area. The focus was on e-accessibility in three key domains – web, telecoms and TV.

The core objective was to benchmark the current situation in relation to e-accessibility, using an appropriate set of indicators. In addition to providing evidence that can help to inform about EU policy in this field, the results may be useful for other relevant stakeholders (at pan-European and Member State levels) in their efforts to promote progress in e-accessibility across Europe. The conceptual approach and results of the study can also contribute to the ongoing efforts to develop effective monitoring systems in the e-accessibility field in Europe.

Some common conclusions were made in relation to the accessibility situation for each of the three domains (web, telecoms, TV). For each area of accessibility:

  • Some progress in recent years can be detected, but there remains much room for improvement across the European Union as a whole
  • There is considerable variation across Member States in terms of the extent of accessibility that has been achieved, as well as in the specific aspects that are being addressed
  • Better results seem generally to be achieved where there are specific obligations imposed in legislation and/or by regulators; in the absence of such obligations, there seems to be a lot less likelihood that the relevant market players will have implemented accessibility measures
  • The variations across Member States suggest that, in each of the three fields, initiatives to ensure that key aspects of accessibility are consistently addressed (to a good standard of quality) might be warranted.

In the telecoms and television fields, there are existing EU Directives that address accessibility issues and these seem to have provided a stimulus for accessibility efforts in a number of the Member States. However, given the continued existence of wide variations across countries in the approaches adopted and in the levels of accessibility that are being achieved, benchlearning and other initiatives may be needed in order to support the Member States and their regulatory bodies in their efforts to ensure that the objectives of the Directives are achieved.

In the web field, the continuing variation across Member States in terms of progress towards public website accessibility suggests that EU‐level initiative in this field (possibly addressing obligations and monitoring) is warranted. Given that there are variations across Member States in terms of the likely web accessibility experiences of different user groups, a common EU‐wide approach to ensure that key aspects of web accessibility are consistently addressed in all countries in a harmonized way is needed.

Download the study on assessing and promoting e-accessibility.


ATLEC presentation at ITAG 2013

PhoenixKM presented “Developing a curriculum and mobile application to deliver training and information relating to Assistive Technology” in the context of ATLEC at ITAG2013 in Nottingham, UK on 17 October 2013.


Mobile ATLEC application available (English version)

Screenshot Mobile app

Screenshot Mobile app

In the context of the ATLEC project, we have also created an own mobile application, which after initial user testing, is also available in an English version. We will update this application in the weeks to come.

You can download it here (.rar file, unzip first with e.g. Easy Unrar Lite and then install the .apk fule). Just ensure your smartphone runs Android 4.x and that you allow that also non Google Play sourced applications can be installed. At a later stage we will also launch the application on Google Play.


Uitnodiging finaal symposium van de ViPi & ATLEC projecten

Wij nodigen u graag uit naar het “Yes, I can! ICT and ICT-AT skills development for all” finaal symposium van de ViPi en ATLEC projecten op 4 december 2013 in Brussel. Deze twee complementaire Europese Levenslang Leren projecten (ViPi – Virtueel Portaal voor Interactie en ICT Training voor mensen met een handicap – richt zich op de ontwikkeling van ICT vaardigheden voor (jong) volwassenen met een handicap; ATLEC – Ondersteunende Technologie Leren via Eenvormig Curriculum – richt zich op vaardigheden en competenties met betrekking tot ICT gebaseerde ondersteunende hulpmiddelen) zullen hun resultaten voorstellen binnen een breder kader van leren, werkgelegenheid en zelfstandig wonen voor mensen met een handicap.

Download de uitnodiging (Nederlands, PDF).


ATLEC students visit Reatech FairStudenti ATLEC visitano Reatech Fiera

A group of persons with disabilities with interest in assistive technology and included in the ATLEC competence development programme delivered by AT team of AIAS Bologna in Italy, will visit together with that team the upcoming Reatech fair in Milano, the main AT event in Italy.

“This is the first time that we organise such a combined study trip”, says Evert-Jan Hoogerwerf of the AT team in Bologna. “Normally the AT experts would go for their own professional development, but ATLEC has stimulated us to share our knowledge with the end users of our advice centre on a more equal foot.” The trip has been carefully designed with the participants being invited to explicit their areas of interest and learning needs and AT expert Massimiliano Malavasi travelling to Milano the day before to explore the information offer. The learning needs and wishes, together with the outcomes of the visit to the fair, will be the basis for the further learning of each of the participants.

“The ATLEC curriculum provides us the possibility to design individual learning plans related to a wider framework of coherent learning outcomes at different levels”, declares Hoogerwerf, “and this is exactly what makes the project so exciting”.

Un gruppo di persone con disabilità, interessate alle tecnologie assistive ed inclusi nel programma di sviluppo delle competenze ATLEC proposto dal Team dell’Ausilioteca di AIAS Bologna, si recherà in visita, insieme ad operatori del team stesso, alla prossima fiera Reatech a Milano , tra i principali eventi legati alla disabilità in Italia.

“Questa è la prima volta che organizziamo un viaggio combinato di studio” dice Evert -Jan Hoogerwerf del team dell’Ausiolioteca di Bologna. “Normalmente gli esperti di tecnologie assistive del centro sarebbero andati singolarmente alla Fiera per il proprio aggiornamento professionale, ma ATLEC ci ha stimolato a condividere la nostra conoscenza e le nostre competenenze con gli utenti finali del nostro centro su basi più paritarie. ” Il viaggio è stato accuratamente progettato con i partecipanti invitati basandosi sulle loro aree di interesse e le esigenze di apprendimento. Uno degli esperti di tecnologie assistive del Centro, Massimiliano Malavasi, si recherà in fiera già il giorno prima per esplorare l’offerta espositiva. I bisogni ed i desideri di apprendimento, insieme con i risultati della visita alla fiera , saranno la base per ulteriori approfondimenti di ciascun partecipante.

“Il curriculum ATLEC ci offre la possibilità di progettare percorsi di apprendimento individuali in un quadro più ampio di obiettivi di apprendimento coerenti a diversi livelli”, dichiara Hoogerwerf, “e questo è esattamente ciò che rende il progetto così appassionante”.


Inclusief onderwijs en de kennis rond ondersteunende hulpmiddelen voor leerlingen met beperkingen

Ieper, 24 september 2013

Geachte Leerkracht,

De WVA (Werkgroep Vorming & Aktie vzw) werkt aan de integratie, emancipatie en inclusie van personen met beperkingen. In dit kader zijn we officieel erkend als vrijetijdsorganisatie. Tevens is er binnen de WVA een deelwerking rond het gebruik van ICT alsook ondersteunende hulpmiddelen.

In het kader hiervan werken we samen met in Europese projecten die als doel hebben de ICT vaardigheden van personen met een beperking te verbeteren. Nu is er een nieuw project dat zich richt op het inclusief onderwijs en de kennis rond ondersteunende hulpmiddelen voor leerlingen met beperkingen.

Om de leerkrachten hierop voor te bereiden is er een vormingspakket uitgewerkt dat in een 5-tal sessies aan u wordt voorgesteld.

De inhoud ervan bestaat uit :

ICT in onze maatschappij

  • ICT in dienst van de mens

De verschillende soorten beperkingen

  • Intellectueel, leer, mentaal, fysisch, spraak, spraak en taal, enz.

Evaluatiemogelijkheden eindgebruiker ondersteunende hulpmiddelen

ICT gebaseerd op ondersteunende hulpmiddelen

  • Universele design oftewel design voor allemaal
  • Verschillende categorieën voor verschillende beperkingen

Nood om met elkaar te communiceren

  • PC’s, laptops, smartphones, tabs en tablets
  • Symbolen

Gebruik van pc, tablet-pc of smartphone

  • Alternatieven voor de standaard toetsenborden
  • Alternatieven voor standaard muis
  • Invoerapparaten via 1 beweging
  • Spraakherkenning

Gebruik van softwaretoepassingen op pc’s, tablets en smartphones

  • Speciale software voor op pc
  • Ondersteunende schrijfsoftware
  • Ondersteunende leessoftware
  • Alternatieve output oplossingen

Telefoonoproepen maken

  • Speciale telefoontoestellen (vast toestel en gsm)

Kiezen van het juiste hulpmiddel (via mobiele toepassing)

Hoe gebruik van ondersteunende hulpmiddelen toepassen

Waar koop je ondersteunende hulpmiddelen

Sociale vaardigheden

Word zelf een expert

  • Peer ondersteuning, mentorschap, trainer met ervaring in gebruik ondersteunende hulpmiddelen

De gratis sessies hebben plaats op 19 oktober, 2, 16, 30 november en 14 december 2013 (telkens een zaterdag) van 9 tot 12 u. in de vergaderruimte van de WVA, Rijselstraat 98 in Ieper. Na elke sessie is er ook een broodjeslunch voorzien voor alle deelnemers.

Mocht u niet in persoon kunnen deelnemen, maar toch de cursus wensen te volgen, dan wordt deze eveneens gratis elektronisch aangeboden via een online leerplatform.

Inschrijven kan tegen 12 oktober via : of telefoon 057 21 55 35. Geef hierbij a.u.b. aan of u wenst deel te nemen aan de sessies in de WVA en/of u wenst deel te nemen via het online leerplatform.

Met vriendelijke groeten,

Wim Moeyaert
WVA – Open IT

Karel Van Isacker


ATLEC at ITAG 2013


On 17 October, the ATLEC paper “Developing a curriculum and mobile application to deliver training and information relating to Assistive Technology” (Karel Van Isacker, Jacqui Lewis and Stavroula Papavasiliou) will be presented at ITAG 2013 at 10.00 AM GMT. There will be social media support throughout via which will disseminate the presentations, pictures and video.


Technologie in de social profit sector – Dienstencentrum Gidts

Dienstencentrum GID(t)S logo

Het dienstencentrum Gidts in Hooglede-Gits heeft voor vrijdagnamiddag 4 oktober 2013 een boeiend namiddagprogramma opgesteld dat het potentieel toont van technologie in de social profit sector. Hieraan zal PhoenixKM tevens deelnemen.

Waar? Koolskampstraat 24 | 8830 B-Gits
Wanneer? Vrijdagnamiddag 4 oktober
Timing? Van 13u30 tot 16u30 + afsluiting met broodjes en een drankje

  • Algemeen beeld Dienstencentrum Gidts en de visie op het creëren van extra kansen door technologie voor personen met een beperking
  • Fysiek bezoek aan elk van de 3 domeinen ZORG, ONDERWIJS en WERK met een korte toelichting
  • Voorbeelden van projecten (CERA Award projecten) die voor het centrum uitgevoerd zijn

Dit programma werd opgesteld in de voorbereiding van het curriculum voor Community Service Engineering dat vanaf 2014 van start zou gaan.


ATLEC symposium agenda

Yes, I can! ICT and ICT-AT skills development for all: Final SYMPOSIUM of the ViPi & ATLEC projects

With the support of:

The Lifelong Learning Programme: education and training opportunities for all Vlaams - Europees verbindingsagentschap vzw Knowledge Centre Social Europe

Date: 4 December 2013

Venue: VLEVA (Vlaams-Europees verbindingsagentschap vzw), Kortenberglaan 71, 1000 Brussels, Belgium (Google maps) – Closest metro station: Schuman

Participants: 100-120

Duration: 9:00 hours – 18:00 hours

Event language: English

Target audience: People with disabilities, teachers, trainers, tutors, carers, policy makers, academics, ICT and AT experts and their organisations.


8:30h-9:00h: Registration and welcome

  • Welcome – Jan Buysse (General Director, vleva)
  • Opening – Karel Van Isacker (CEO, PhoenixKM) – pdf

Sessions 1 & 2

  • SESSION 1 (9.00-10.00)Increased independence for people with disabilities

    Chair: Jean-Marie Vanhove, Inclusief Consulting, Belgium – pdf

    9.00 – 9.20: EU Disability Policy: EC (presented by Karel Van Isacker) – pdf

    9.20 – 9.40: More independence for people with a disability – Flemish context: Helga Stevens: member of Flemish Parliament – pdf

    9.40 – 10.00: Discussion – questions

  • SESSION 2 (10.00 – 11.00)Need for training in the use of ICT AT: Point of view of the users

    Chair: Evert-Jan Hoogerwerf, AIAS Bologna, Italy

    10.00 – 10.20: The need for qualified training in the use of ICT/AT for people with disabilities: Wim Moeyaert (end-user expert) – pdf

    10.20 – 10.40: Witness accounts of pilot participants: Steve Boussemaere (including ViPi video) – pdf

    10.40- 11.00: Discussion and questions

Break + exhibition (11.00 – 11.30)

Session 3

  • SESSION 3: (11.30- 12.45)Training on ICT and ICT AT in service provision and the labour market

    Chair: Jacqui Lewis, Greenhat Interactive, UK, with short introduction to current practices ICT Skills at European level – pdf

    11.30 – 11.50: The need for training in the use of ICT/AT and experiences in vocational training: VDAB – pdf

    11.50 – 12.10: Need for training in the use of ICT/AT and experiences in the labour market: VDAB

    12.10 – 12.30: Need for training in the use of ICT AT and experiences in care: Luk Zelderloo (Secretary General EASPD) – pdf

    12.30 – 12.45: Discussion and questions

Lunch (12.45 – 13.45)

Session 4

  • SESSION 4 (13.45 – 15.30)The VIPI, ATLEC, SGSCC, DICE and eMentoring projects – outcomes

    Chair: Karel Van Isacker, project coordinator, PhoenixKM, Belgium

    VIPI, eMentoring and DICE: Presentation curriculum: by Prof. David Brown (NTU) and Karel Van Isacker (PhoenixKM) – pdf

    ATLEC: Presentation curriculum: by Evert-Jan Hoogerwerf (AIAS) – pdf

    SGSCC: Presentation curriculum: by Mariya Goranova (PhoenixKM) – pdf

    ViPi and ATLEC platform and mobile applications: Panagiotis Tsoris (Steficon) & Prof. Constantinos Mourlas (University of Athens) – pdf1pdf2

Break and exhibition (15.30 – 16.00)

Wrap up session (16.00 – 17.00)

  • Moderator: Jean-Marie Vanhove, Inclusief consulting, BelgiumTopics: What did we learn from the former presentations and what can we do about it?

    Panel with representatives of ViPi, ATLEC, SGSCC, AAATE (Evert-Jan Hoogerwerf), EASPD (Luc Zelderloo), Jos Sterckx (Knowledge Center Social Europe), Wim Moeyaert (end-user expert)

Demo sessions and closure (walking dinner) (17:15-18:00)

  • Curriculums of different projects
  • ViPi and ATLEC learning objects and integrated platform
  • Training platforms
  • Mobile and desktop games
  • Mobile applications
  • Posters of other projects/experiences

Registration is still possible via

Note that participation is only confirmed after receiving a formal confirmation email from us.

This event is organised with the support of the Liaison agency Flanders-Europe (vleva) and Knowledge Center Social Europe.

The projects ViPi and ATLEC have been partially funded with support from the European Commission. This communication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.


ViPi en ATLEC lessen: basis ICT kennis en kennis omtrent ICT gebaseerde ondersteunende hulpmiddelen

Vanaf 7 september starten we opnieuw met de tweewekelijkse “basis ICT kennis” cursussen in samenwerking met WVA (Ieper) en dit in het kader van het Europese viPi project. Inschrijven is nog altijd mogelijk via

Vanaf 14 september starten we ook met de tweewekelijkse cursus “kennis omtrent ICT gebaseerde ondersteunende hulpmiddelen”. Daarbij gaan we alle ICT gebaseerde ondersteunende hulpmiddelen bespreken die van toepassing zijn voor personen met een beperking. Focus zal vooral liggen op het gebruik van deze hulpmiddelen voor PC gebruik. Inschrijven is nog altijd mogelijk via

Nog meedelen dat dit volledig gratis is dankzij de samenwerking tussen de WVA en PhoenixKM en dankzij de steun van de Europese commissie.

Dus de eerste afspraak is op zaterdag 7 september 2013 om 9 u. bij de WVA voor de ViPi cursus!