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ATLEC project in 7th incluD-ed newsletter

Includ-ed, the European network on inclusive education and disability, featured the ATLEC project this week in their 7th incluD-ed newsletter.


Survey requests

We have received quite some request for contributions to surveys and we simply cannot address all.

However, all outcomes of ATLEC are freely available at, as well as via the ADAM database.


Seminar ‘Supporting the development of digital skills of persons with disabilities of all ages – Policies, strategies and tools’

First announcement ENTELIS SEMINAR: Supporting the development of digital skills of persons with disabilities of all ages – Policies, strategies and tools
26-27 November 2014 – Bologna Italy

The digital divide is a fact. Many people with disabilities do not participate, or experience difficulties in fully participating, in the digital society. There are many factors that contribute to this situation, ranging from environmental factors (physical and cultural barriers) to person-related factors, such as lack of training or unfamiliarity with technology. The ENTELIS network aims to reduce the digital divide by fostering exchange of information and good practice, by networking all relevant stakeholders and by contributing to policy development. The seminar will address the entire range of factors within a holistic perspective. However, in investigating possible solutions, it will particularly focus on person-related factors: it will explore how actions and measures aimed at the person’s empowerment and digital skills development can improve participation and freedom of choice in the digital society.

The pre-Seminar event (Wednesday 26 afternoon) will be targeted to the public-at-large, including policy-makers, journalists, non-governmental organisations, self-advocacy groups. Participation is free of charge. Registration is encouraged.

The Seminar (Thursday 27, full day) will be mainly targeted to education and rehabilitation professionals, service providers, researchers and experts in information technology and assistive technology. It will include keynote speeches, selected contributions from the participants and parallel working groups. It will be organised in such a way to promote the maximum amount of information exchange, reciprocal learning, networking and project incubation.

Fee: 150 Euro. Free of charge for ENTELIS partners and for members of AAATE, EASPD and EVBB. Registration is required.

Call for presentations (abstracts), programme and registration information:

The seminar is held in the framework of the thematic event: (Assistive) technology as a Human Rights Enabler Bologna 26-29 November 2014

Open call for contributions to the ENTELIS seminar programme (pdf)


(Nederlands) Klantenbereik via sociale media en e-commerce / gebruik van aangepaste ICT

Sorry, this entry is only available in Eλληνικά, Italiano and Nederlands.


ATLEC paper at at the 14th IEEE International Conference on Advanced Learning Technologies

ATLEC’s paper “Providing assistive ICT learning for people with disabilities through a personalised mobile application” (Authors: Stavroula Papavasiliou, Karel Van Isacker, Constantinos Mourlas, Maria Saridaki) was accepted as full paper for presentation at the 14th IEEE International Conference on Advanced Learning Technologies (ICALT 2014).


ATLEC at Plovdiv International Disability Fair

ATLEC is being presented by PhoenixKM at the Plovdiv International Disability Fair (Bulgaria) from 20-24 March 2014. This event is organised by the European commission and the Federation of Employers.

Booth at International Disability Fair (Plovdiv)

Booth at International Disability Fair (Plovdiv)


ATLEC partner keynote speaker at CAVA 2014

CAVA 2014 logo

The CAVA 2014 conference (VI International Conference of Adaptive and Accessible Virtual Learning Environment CAVA 2014, Promoting an Inclusive Learning Culture) renews its goal of being the most important Latin American forum in which scientists, professionals and students exchange ideas and share their research results in the domain of Inclusive and Adaptive. ATLEC project coordinator Karel Van Isacker will present ATLEC outcomes in his presentation “Inclusion in Europe: a holistic view on the many affected domains to support integration and employability; the Belgian case study”. It will address in a holistic manner how people with disabilities are integrated into society in Europe, in terms of acquiring the needed (basic) ICT and ICT-based AT skills but also in terms of social competences. This will be presented with special focus on Belgium, and how this integration is achieved by using e.g. desktop and mobile based games.


ATLEC @ presentation NV-A leaflet “Een beperking mag geen handicap zijn”

Helga Stevens during the presentation

Helga Stevens during the presentation

Monday evening 17 February, PhoenixKM was present at the presentation of the leaflet “Een beperking mag geen handicap zijn” (an impairment cannot be a handicap) in the Flemish Parliament in Brussels, Belgium.


UK piloting

UK pilot participants

UK pilot participants

Oak Field School and Sports College and Green Hat Interactive conducted a piloting phase of the ATLEC curriculum between October 2013 and February 2014. The curriculum was piloted at the access level for participants with severe learning difficulties. Twenty participants were involved in the UK piloting process with ages ranging from 16-37 years old. All of the piloting was conducted at the Oak Field School site – making use of the wide range of assistive technologies available at the school.
The sessions were considered a success by both participants and facilitators. Participants demonstrated an increased understanding of what constitutes ICT AT and the impact that it can have on the lives of individuals. The participants were also introduced to the ATLEC mobile application which guides an individual through the process of determining which assistive technology could be suited to their intellectual and/or physical needs.
The piloting phase concluded with a successful and enjoyable presentation evening at the Nottingham Playhouse theatre hosted by the director of the theatre. All participants were awarded a certificate to acknowledge their valuable contribution to the ATLEC project.


(Nederlands) Een beperking mag geen handicap zijn

Sorry, this entry is only available in Eλληνικά, Italiano and Nederlands.