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ITAG 2013 logo

ITAG 2013 logo

ATLEC will host a booth at ITAG 2013 where we will demonstrate the ATLEC outcomes.

The aim of ITAG is to bring together academics, developers, beneficiaries and practitioners to explore interactive technologies and innovate within the areas of education, health and disability. The Conference consists of four strands: Academic conference, practical workshops, gaming hackathon and an exhibition.

The conference will this year take place at the Town Hall in Nottingham City Centre on 17-18 October 2013. ITAG is coordinated by Nottingham Trent University.

This presents an ideal opportunity for ATLEC to demonstrate its innovative work in the field of ICT AT to a wide range of international key stakeholders in the field via demonstrations. In addition, as part of the conference, the innovative development of the mobile application and the matrix that has informed its development will be presented by GHI and the University of Athens.

For further details or to book, visit the Nottingham Trent University website.

ITAG 2013 logo

ITAG 2013 logo

ATLEC zal eens tand hebben op ITAG 2013 en zal daar de verschillende resultaten demonstreren.

ITAG brent academici, ontwikkelaars, personen met een beperking alsook mensen uit de educatieve sector samen op het domein van games, educatie, enz.

Dit jaar vindt de conferentie plaats in de Town Hall in het centrum van Nottingham op 17-18 oktober 2013. ITAG wordt georganiseerd door Nottingham Trent University.

Voor verdere details: Nottingham Trent University website.

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