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ATLEC @ Com@modemdag

PhoenixKM will attend the Com@modemdag on 3 February 2012 in Duffel, Belgium that focuses on (ICT) AT for people with disabilities.

Contacts will be made with local stakeholders.

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The aim of the study “Internal market for inclusive and assistive ICT, targeted market analysis and legislative aspects” was to examine the main barriers and opportunities today in the European Internal Market for assistive ICT and look at what could be gained from addressing these.
The study has assessed the different models existing in nine Member States for the provision of assistive ICT to people with a disability, analysed the demand- and supply side of the market and conducted a number of case studies. The study puts forward a number of scenarios, conclusions and recommendations for the achievement of the European Internal Market for assistive ICT that supports the digital inclusion of people with a disability.

Download the final report (September 2011).

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In the context of the ATLEC project kick-off meeting, we interviewed David Stewart OBE, Headteacher at Oak Field School and Sports College, Bilborough, UK, and project contractor.

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